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D2 Tool Steel 1/8″ x 2″ ( sold by the ft )


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D-2 is an air-hardened tool steel used in many industrial applications from slitters to dies.

Designed for hard use and corrosion resistance, D-2 has been used in the knife making community since it was first introduced. D-2 can take a beating and come back for more for years on end.

The high chromium and unique carbide structure lend itself to robust edges that take a tooth burr that just keeps cutting when other steels will have blunted ages ago.

When combined with a solid heat treat schedule and well-planned construction, a good knife made from D-2 in the right hands is almost literally bombproof.

If you are interested in D-2 but want a little oomph, check out our CPM D-2 as well; even though it has a higher price, it is well worth it for the bonuses you get from the powder metal processing.