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CPM4-V CPM Steel 5/32″ x 2″ ( sold by the ft )


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CPM M4 is a high vanadium special purpose high-speed steel exhibiting better wear resistance and toughness than M2 or M3 in cold work punches, die inserts and cutting applications, but these reasons are why it is widely used in competition cutting blades.

A brutally tough steel, it bears a fair warning it is hard to work within a hardened and tempered state.

While it may eat up belts grinding it after hardening, its superior edge retention and general toughness make it near impossible to ignore and worth the trouble.

However, if you are used to tough to grind and polish steels, you will be more than ready to try your hand with M4 and will undoubtedly find yourself grinning the first time you test its edge.