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AEBL Stainless Steel 1/8″ x 2″ ( sold by the ft )


A stainless with a long noted history as a dark horse in the industry, and sometimes referred to by the name 13C28, AEB-L has gone underappreciated for a long time.

Even though almost everyone has had it in their home at one point or another, most likely in the form of disposable razors.

Best described by the noted metallurgist Roman Landes as a stainless form of 52100 as AEB-L offers some of the finest, most evenly distributed carbide structure available outside powdered metallurgy or spray form steels.

It is easy to heat treat and without the finishing difficulties as high vanadium steels such as S90V, which is why it has rapidly become the number one choice for makers just starting to try their hand at stainless steel and gaining widespread attention in kitchen knife circles previously dominated by other varieties.

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