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154CM Stainless Steel 3/32″ x 1-3/4″ ( sold by the ft )


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Crucible 154-CM has been an industry staple as an improved version of 440-C for the past almost two decades.

As a stainless steel widely used for cutlery, molybdenum added enables higher wear resistance and high-performance edges with improved corrosion resistance.

While being more expensive than 440-C, its qualities far out way its price. Easy to grind, heat treat, and finish, it’s no wonder why it is often selected by many makers as their first choice when venturing into stainless and a great, reliable selection.

Like all stainless, it is best suited to controlled temperatures and oxygen shielding, benefiting after quenching from cryogenic treatment.

With its ability to readily take a fine edge or polish to near mirror perfection, there’s little doubt why so many makers and industry giants have made it their primary choice for everything from every day carry to complex Japanese kitchen knives.

If you are looking for a stainless to cut your teeth on, this may be an ideal option when going for a type with a solid reputation and name recognition.